A Story Behind Every Hymn by Larry Frazier

Now Available: A Story Behind Every Hymn

Challenging times often inspire great hymns. My new book is a collection of stories about real people and God interacting together through the trials of life. One major theme found in each story is that you are not alone. God is with you and will provide strength and power to overcome and to accomplish great things.

You will learn about popular hymns that were created and written by ordinary people navigating extraordinary circumstances such as:

  • Two hymns written during pandemics
  • A most popular hymn written by a slave-ship captain
  • A fortune teller’s prediction leading to a great hymn
  • The favorite hymn written by a life insurance salesman
  • Hymn of comfort inspired during routine housework
  • The favorite hymn of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • A blind woman who wrote over 8,000 hymns
  • Hymn stanza provided final words of a dying U.S. president
  • A hymn fit for a queen
  • A favorite hymn of comfort inspired by a tragic shipwreck

A Story Behind Every Song

Did you ever wonder about the people who write hymns?

Tragic events cause them pain. They grieve over the passing of friends and family members. They are joyful over new births and appreciate a beautiful sunny day. Sometimes they doubt and fear. At other times, they are thankful for God's blessings.

These are the people who write hymns.

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Currently, we provide resources to understand how traditional Christian Hymns were brought to life. In each category below, you will find the lyrics, hymn context and background, author and composer biographies and related inspirational stories. Click on each graphic below to go to the category for more Christian Hymn resources.

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Inspiration, Comfort and Strength

For over 3,000 years outstanding leaders together with ordinary people like you and me have found inspiration, comfort and strength in the unique combination of word and music known as the Hymn. Join Dr. Larry Frazier, writer, narrator and host of Hymn of the Week, in a wonderful adventure of discovery of the stories behind these expressions combining faith and everyday experience, which continue to be relevant to the challenges of 21st-century living.

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