Where Are You Finding Your Inspiration, Courage and Strength?

A Story Behind Every Hymn is a collection of stories about real people and God interacting together through the trials of life. One major theme found in each story is that you are not alone.

God is with you and will provide you strength and power to overcome and to accomplish great things.

The hymn writers’ stories are your stories. These are true stories of how God moves between the time when Jesus lived on the earth and today. Each story is a beautiful expression of growing in faith with God.

You will be inspired by the stories of people like you, whose faith empowered them to survive life’s greatest challenges at the darkest of times. The book includes key lyrics of each hymn.

You can read all 52 stories in one sitting, or use the book as a weekly devotional guide. Each devotional connects the hymn to passages of Scripture. Your faith will grow as you relate to the power of each hymn and the word of God.


What’s Inside the Book?

52 Amazing Stories
52 Amazing Stories

You may be shocked to learn that the writers of these stories lived in very challenging circumstances. Read each story to discover how writing a hymn provided them a closer connection to God during difficult times. Let their strength and example inspire you.

Devotional Reflection Guides
Devotion & Reflection

This book is a resource that you will cherish. It is constructed to inspire you while being a devotional resource. See how your courage and strength grows through this process over the next year. Don't miss the bonus resource included with each story.

Key Lyrics to Each Hymn
Key Hymn Lyrics 

We have included the key lyrics for each hymn in each story so that you can refresh yourself and see how the lyrics were chosen by the author based on the story they want to tell you. This book does not contain any sheet music or notes.

About the Author

Dr. Larry Frazier

Larry and his wife Mary Lynn were particularly inspired, strengthened and encouraged by the power of the stories behind great hymns during her battle with cancer over ten years ago. During this trying time of surgery and chemotherapy treatments, Larry launched his radio program, “The Hymn of the Week,” which has reached and continues to inspire hundreds of thousands of listeners in West Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.

The stories behind the creation of these great hymns inspired him to write, “A Story Behind Every Hymn: 52 Weeks of Inspiration, Courage and Strength.”

Larry attends Carrollton First Baptist Church where he is a soloist, choir member, adult Sunday School teacher and deacon.

His website FaithMusicConnection.com provides complete lyrics, expanded history as well as performances of the hymns in this book.

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