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When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Story

Remembering All-Saints Day

 What connection does Remembering All-Saints Day have with Isaac Watt’s great hymn, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross? I will confess that I have never thought of such a connection before this week. But, my brother Michael sent me a meditation that inspired me to connect the two. —————————————————————————————————————————————-REMEMBERING ALL-SAINTS DAYBy the Rev. Dr. Michael FrazierThough […]

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A 21st Century Pilgrimage

A 21st Century Pilgrimage

Until just a few minutes before I began to write this post, I felt “behind” all week. No real worries—I am in great health, and I am in love with my wife of twenty years!Keeping UpBut, keeping up with everyday routines and appointments seemed to take extra time. An unusual number of extra daytime and […]

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A Mighty Fortress is Our God Story

Our Mighty Fortress

Can technology be “our mighty fortress” against the challenges of life? The 21st century has brought many technological advances into our lives. Now, with our cellphones, we can gain immediate access to news, sports, and weather anywhere in the world. We can control our appliances, home security systems, pay bills and make deposits with a […]

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Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine Story

Oh What a Happy Soul I Am

Fannie Crosby wrote her first poem at the age of eight. It begins, “Oh what a happy soul I am,” foretelling a lifetime attitude of happiness and contentment but also of determination.Fanny Crosby Wrote over 8,000 HymnsThough blind from the age of two weeks, Fannie Crosby seems to have never considered blindness to be a […]

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Nearer my God to Thee Story

Ladder to Heaven

Throughout history, believers have yearned for a sense of the presence of God–a “ladder to heaven”–in their lives. The Bible is filled with stories of God’s love and grace and of ordinary people called to be disciples.In Matthew 18:20, Jesus promises “where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among […]

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Shall We Gather at the River - Meeting Together by Faith Music Connection

Meeting Together

Building Identity, Unity, Enthusiasm and SupportGroups of all kinds value meeting together as a means of building identity, unity enthusiasm and support. Political groups meet together to increase campaign contributions and to motivate their members to get out the vote for their candidates. Fitness trainers form groups of those interested in building strength, flexibility and […]

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All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name Story-Faith Music Connection

The National Anthem of Christendom

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name – The National Anthem of ChristendomEdward Perronet wrote All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name during the time of the formation of the government of the United States. United States citizens today enjoy lives of personal freedom and initiative remarkable in human history. It is almost unimaginable to […]

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Communion of the Saints

Be Thou My VisionThe approximate 2,000 years from the life of Jesus Christ on earth to today are marked with countless stories of the lives of believers and their expressions of faith. Be Thou My Vision is one of these stories which has connected and inspired Christians through the centuries. This great connection of believers […]

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For the Beauty of the Earth-Hymn-Faith Music Connection

For the Beauty of the Earth Story–Saints or Sinners?

The Bible is filled with stories of saints and people of faith who answered God’s call and made monumental achievements. Abraham, Moses, King David, Elijah, Jesus’ disciples and Paul to name are a few well-known examples. “For the Beauty of the Earth” describes an attitude of gratitude ideal for all people of faith–saints or sinners.Saints […]

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Rock of Ages Story-Faith Music Connection

Rock of Ages–Story

Rock of Ages Inspirational StoryMost of us understand that a hymn is a religious song with a text arranged in verses. The verses are arranged in stanzas of similar meter. The terms stanza and meter might prove difficult to precisely define. But most people could probably recognize a hymn when they hear one being sung.In […]

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