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Abide With Me Story by Faith Music Connection

God Who Is Present – Abide With Me Story

Abide With Me Story  Being an island nation, every part of England and Great Britain is not far from the sea. There is always a sense of drama wherever sea and land meet. The Southwest coast of England is marked with gently rolling hills, quiet streams and deep, natural harbors—an almost idyllic landscape, greeting the […]

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Holy Holy Holy Story by Faith Music Connection

Holy Holy Holy Story

A Hymn For All SeasonsThe concept of God as being perfect in goodness and righteousness and worthy of complete devotion is a central theme of the Bible. The book of Isaiah, Chapter 6, verse, 3, states this concept in poetic form, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is full of […]

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Now Thank We All Our God Story - A Psalm for Thanksgiving by Faith Music Connection

Now Thank We All Our God–Story

A Psalm for ThanksgivingBy Steve DavisCan you say “bad year”? The bad year for me was 1968. Tenth grade and I liked a girl, Jacquie Sue, and she didn’t like me. I was 6’ tall and weighed 140. If I had shaved off the sideburns I would have weighed in at 130. My Adam’s apple […]

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Amazing Grace Story - Day 3 - Faith Music Connection

Amazing Grace Story – Oblivious to the Risks

Oblivious to Daily RisksInspired by Amazing GraceAfter a recent visit to the beaches of Normandy, France, scene of the largest amphibious assault in military history, I was struck with the idea that most of us are oblivious to the risks inherent in everyday life, in stark contrast to the military, which considers and expects casualties […]

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