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Come Thou Almighty King Hymn

Come, Thou Almighty King – Hymn of the Week

Come Thou Almighty King – Hymn of the Week – Quick Guide Come, Thou Almighty King– Introduction of the HymnComplacency ShatteredClick Below for Come, Thou Almighty King LyricsCome, Thou Almighty King: Hymn of the Week Radio Show EpisodeReading of Come, Thou Almighty King Lyrics(stanzas 1 & 2)3-5Background of Come, Thou Almighty KingQuestion of Charles Wesley […]

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Come Thou Almighty King Lyrics Graphic Template

Come, Thou Almighty King Lyrics

Come, Thou Almighty KingAnonymous(stanzas 1 & 2)Come, Thou almighty King,Help us Thy Name to sing, help us to praise!Father all glorious, o’er all victorious,Come and reign over us, Ancient of Days!Jesus, our Lord, arise,Scatter our enemies, and make them fall;Let Thine almighty aid our sure defense be made,Souls on Thee be stayed; Lord, hear our […]

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