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New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

Beginning a New YearBy the middle of January, the new year is well underway. We are certainly well into our new year’s resolutions and already have a sense of how they will turn out.Samuel John Stone (1839-1900) wrote The Old Year’s Long Campaign is O’er, one of the few hymns on the topic of properly […]

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The Church's One Foundation Hymn

The Church’s One Foundation – Hymn of the Week

Quick Navigation The Church’s One Foundation – Introduction of the HymnClick Below for The Church’sOne Foundation LyricsThe Church’s One Foundation: Hymn of the Week Radio Show EpisodeReading of The Church’s One Foundation Lyrics(stanzas 1-4)(stanzas 5-7)Background of TheChurch’s One Foundation”The Poor Man’s Pastor”The Church’s One Foundation – Jesus ChristPaired with the Tune, AureliaBackground of the TuneComposer of Hymns and […]

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